Refueled LX news & notes
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Refueled LX news & notes

With Refueled LX just a day away we have been informed that the Gila River Arena has indeed been sold out. With two title matches on the card fans in Glendale, Arizona are speculating just who will come out on top in the main event where Local Grapplers 214 members Zeb Martin & Ray McAvay.

These two men will defend the Tag Team Championship belts won by Teddy Palmer and Lindsay Troy against Best Alliance members Steve Solex and the returning Jace Parker Davidson. We caught up with the newest member of The Best Alliance for a comment.

“Refueled is sold out? Of course it is, I mean The King of Everything has elevated the likes of Steve Solex, Zeb Martin, and Ray McAvay to main event status.”

The JPD proclaimed before continuing.

“All in my first match back here in HOW, but it’s no surprise really because when you’re as good as I am you’re always the star of the show. People should be deep in their feels over the fact I’m just handed  a title shot just because I am who I am. My name carries weight in this company.”

The Miami native boasted while pounding his chest.

“In fact I have been in negotiations with GOD himself Lee Best on adding a clause to my contract that I exclusively only wrestle in Championship matches. My resume speaks for itself and it’s time that trash like Ray McAvay to be put six feet under. So tune into Refueled tomorrow night to witness my first of many Championship matches.”