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Power of Wrestling Pod Report

The Power of Wrestling Podcast turned its attention to the world of High Octane this week with the latest news and views. They have a few sources in the High Octane office and gain most of their information from a man (OR WOMAN) known only as “Shallow Throat”. This is a recap of their sourced information, as reported on the show.

  • Many are speculating that we should not be surprised to see a World Title change on Refueled. The rumblings are that Lee Best wanted Mike Best to head up the newly revived HOFC division and views Cancer Jiles as a purely transitional champion. Expect a Best Alliance beatdown of Jiles at the end of the show as Benny yells about him being an idiot. Also JPD will do something. Or maybe Jiles will win and be renamed Best Jiles. Either option is on the table as of time of recording.
  • Veteran of the North Dakota indy scene, Boris Olson, has been scheduled to debut at the next Refueled against Clay Byrd. Frank and Hank, the Pod Boys, spent close to fifteen minutes analysing why his Lester Moregrimes character makes no fucking sense. Frank yelled a lot and got red in the face, feel free to watch the VOD to see a man almost have a heart attack.
  • Despite being called a union, the union stable is not in fact paying union dues. Curious.
  • Redrum is becoming frustrated with his position of standing still and having an accent. Expect Redrum to either disappear forever or challenge for the LSD title.
  • The hopes of High Octane Wrestling having a human fridge Japanese grappler could finally come to fruition in Tokyo because there are many Japanese people in Tokyo.
  • Fans may have been surprised at Jatt Starr’s LSD title loss at last week’s Refueled but they shouldn’t be.
  • Scottywood’s dreads have been turned into an NFT, current bid is $1.12. Scotty hopes to raise at least $7 so he can buy a sub-par to average IPA.
  • Contract negotiations between Cecilworth Farthington and Lee Best stalled out in early March because neither one wants to pick up the phone.