HR preemptively gives Scott Woodson Medical Leave.
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HR preemptively gives Scott Woodson Medical Leave.


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois

Scott Woodson, known as Scottywood in some obscure circles, has been scheduled for time off following his surgery on Refueled LVIII. Doctor Michael Lee Best, renown Knee Professor, will be the surgeon and the entire affair will be broadcast in glorious technicolor from the USS High Octane! Rumors are that Michael has been sharpening his knee braces in anticipation. Apparently the HOFC Title will be on the line, seems weird for a hospital trip.

“No, it’s actually an HOFC Title Match, Scottywood is actually competing for the championship. It’s not a joke and what the fuck is a Knee Professor?” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, President of Human Resources, World’s Greatest Gamer.

So surprisingly the HOFC Championship will be defended by Michael Lee Best against “Business Cut” Scottywood at Refueled LVIII. Will Woodson prove himself the GME of HOW’s stock or will Mike Best do what Eric Dane was thinking about when he killed Prince Philip?

We don’t know, we’re only Human Resources.

Thank you!






Don’t @ us Darin Zion. Insurance does not cover ED medication.