HR is harder than it appears
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HR is harder than it appears


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois


After the action packed Refueled went off the air and the dust settled the two rising forces in HOW, the local Union 201 and the Best Alliance, retreated to their respective camps to prepare for next week. While Teddy Palmer and Lindsay Troy were able to secure the Tag Team Championships from John Sektor and Jatt Starr, the less talented Conor Fuse proved himself the weakest link by failing to capture the High Octane Wrestling World Championship in a spirited, fair competition. After being crushed in his singles match against World Champion “COOL” Cancer Jiles, Fuse left a long, rambling news post the left naked his personal insecurities.

“He’s suffering from acute meglomania paired with bi-polar with a twist of depression, at least that’s what it told me on webmd when I entered his news post under symptoms.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, Certified Maxopotamia Medical Doctor Professor.

As these two forces continue to clash leading to War Games how will Conor Fuse grapple with his vast inferiority compared to his contemporaries? As the proverbial sun sets on his short, unimpressive career will Conor Fuse prove to be less memorable then the NeoGeo? Can anyone do anything to fix what’s wrong with his face?

We don’t know, that’s why we’re asking you.

Thank you!