HR confirms non-relation to Darin Zion
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HR confirms non-relation to Darin Zion


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois


After a brief but harrowing investigation Human Resources is able to confirm that there is no relation between Darin Zion and Sutler Reynolds-Kael, the President of Human Resources. Further more, as it turns out, most of the Roster is not directly or indirectly related with a wide range of representation despite everyone being 6′ and 200 lbs.

“I’m starting to think that Darin was speaking in hyperbole and not being literal when he said we were his family. Still, you can’t be too careful.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, President of Human Resources, Son of Scions, World’s Greatest Gamer and NOT related to Darin Zion.

With that crisis averted we now return you to your regularly scheduled empty life.

Thank you!





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