Hall of Famer Returns to Staff….
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Hall of Famer Returns to Staff….

HOWrestling.com can confirm that after lengthy discussions, Lee Best and Silent Witness have agreed terms for the former HOW World Champion to return to the company.

“I am delighted to be returning to the company where I made a name for myself all those years ago. This is a unique opportunity for me to help drive High Octane Wrestling forward in new ways and I’m looking forward to getting to work over the coming weeks and months” said the Hall of Famer in a statement.

When pressed on his role within the company, Silent Witness said “I can tell you this is a project the likes of which we have not seen in HOW for a very long time. Lee Best and I have shared countless conversations over the 15-plus years we have known each other about the potential of this project and the benefits it could have to the roster, without ever having the necessary resources to make it work how we wanted to. We think we are in a good position to do this now, but I don’t want to go into too much detail – we are still finalizing a few things and it wouldn’t be right to talk about any detail while that process is ongoing.”

“I’m very excited about what we are working on and this opportunity to return to HOW without putting my body through the dangers of in-ring competition was too good to turn down. It’s good to be back” he added.

What does this new project entail? Keep an eye on HOWrestling.com as more details are released.