Grapplers Local 214 at MVW Headquarters Today
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Grapplers Local 214 at MVW Headquarters Today

Blaire Moise reports Lindsay Troy, Zeb Martin, Teddy Palmer, and Conor Fuse of Grapplers Local 214 were spotted earlier today at the headquarters of Missouri Valley Wrestling in St. Louis, Missouri.  Obviously, the speculation is Joe Bergman may be coming back to HOW and joining up with the group for the upcoming War Games pay per view show.

The group declined to comment on what was discussed at the meeting when Blaire caught up with them leaving MVW headquarters.  All four entered a waiting vehicle and quickly left the scene.

Bergman himself came out a few minutes later with his wife Laura Bergman, Chief Business Officer of MVW.  Blaire tried to get a comment from the former two-time HOW World Champion.

Bergman told Blaire the following when asked if he’s returning to HOW: “You’ll have to tune in Saturday night and see.”