Azula Speaks Out On HOW Return
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Azula Speaks Out On HOW Return

Not long after making a return appearance at Refueled LVIII, we’ve learned that Xander Azula is in fact negotiating a full-time contract with High Octane Wrestling. In a statement originally posted on his cult organization’s website, Azula addressed his status with the company.

The rumors are true, the speculation is on the nose…Xander Azula is coming back to HOW.

I made a promise when I stepped foot in the DeNucci Cup, that I would prove the naysayers wrong…and for three rounds of the tournament, I did just that. Hannibal Frost, Simon Loveless, and Steve Solex didn’t know what hit them. Mike Best…took advantage of a rare slip-up on my end. Congratulations, champ.

After my exit from the tournament I immediately set out to sign a contract with the company on a full-time basis, but apparently the paperwork was “misfiled due to an HR error.” Upon further investigation, it was filed under a grossly inaccurate name.

My name is not Zanzibar Arugula, Xanadu Zoolander, or even Alex Azusa.

It is Xander Azula, and soon everyone will remember it.

See you soon, HOW faithful. Time to embrace chaos.

Hail Eris, Hail Discordia.