Zanzibar Arugula Points Out HR Error
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Zanzibar Arugula Points Out HR Error


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois


Human Resources hopes that everybody is enjoying their Friday and is ready for tomorrows big show, Refueled LVIII, our last show in the windy city, Chicago! From here Lee Best will be leading HOW on a tour around possibly the United States, potentially even into other countries with the exception of Brazil for legal reasons we can not discuss other than to say it involves secret liaisons, six pounds of lube and very irresponsible load drops.

Speaking Refueled LVIII, opening the show we have veteran High Flyer facing Sean Stevens in the opener of the show. Can the wily High Flyer sneak out a victory against relative new comer and definitely not Scott Stevens, Sean Stevens? Tune in to find out on Saturday. Why?

Because it’s mandatory! Yay!

“Brace yourselves, Control-F is coming.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, President of Human Resources and World’s Greatest Gamer.

Also a brief reminder, whoever keeps leaving Scottywood out remember to put him away when they are done. The staff breakroom smells like regret and IPAs and we keep finding red hair in the carpet. If staff can not be responsible we’ll be forced to donate Scotty to Defiance.

Thank You!



What the fuck is a Fist of Defiance anyway?