We’ve Only Just Begun
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We’ve Only Just Begun

March 2 Glory is almost over. At the moment all the cameras are focused on the USS Octane as Round 2 between Mike Best and Dan Ryan has just ended. But here, in Madison Square Garden, Bobby Dean finds himself in front of his open locker, his eyes downcast. His bags are packed, down at his feet, as he sits there in his street clothes, consisting of blue jeans, baby blue tee, and white sneakers.

Bobby’s head is slumped down, his eyes are watery as all he can think about is his horrible string of bad luck. With a heavy sigh, he arises and lugs his equipment bag over his shoulder before heading towards the hallway.

Unawares, he walks down the hall until he hears a familiar voice further down the hallway of whence he came. The voice begins to sing, happily, and surprisingly well!

Voice: We’ve only just begun.

The Man from Honalee recognizes the voice immediately, and his already slumped head drops even further in abject defeat. He stops in his tracks, but refuses to turn around as the voice from over his shoulder approaches.

Voice: White lace and promises. A kiss for luck and we’re on our way.

An arm draps itself over Bobby’s slumped shoulders, in a show of camaraderie. He still refuses to look up, going so far as to tightly clamp his eyes shut.

Voice: We’ve only just begun. Chin up champ, you’ll get ‘em next time.

Bobby can no longer ignore the man as the man removes his arm from around his shoulders and offers him a light friendly nudge to the chin with his fist. He looks into the smiling face of Steve Harrison, who simply beams in triumph.

Steve Harrison: Or, maybe not. Oh well…

Harrison shrugs his shoulders and continues on his way, humming along happily as Bobby simply stands rooted in place, glaring at his back.