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Your friendly neighborhood gamer here, just chillin’. How’ve you been? Played any cool games lately? Checked out that Justice League Snyder Cut yet? I don’t know how I feel about it myself.

Hey, you and I should talk more. I think we’d get along great! Yes, even you, Lind-say. I think we’d have a splendid time CoD’ing! Anyway… here’s someone I don’t get along with ATM.

Sutler of Catan.

I’m still waiting for HR to provide me with the APPROPRIATE context between Time Travel Technology (TTT™) and Warp Whistle Mechanics (WWM®). I’ve yet to hear the reasoning on why his power-up is being used over mine.

Seriously, dude, my stuff is better.

Warp Whistle Mechanics (WWM®) is based off my patented Warp Whistle Formula (WWF©) where you can go forward AND backward in time! You can jump to a far away land or somewhere super close by. It’s a musical instrument, too so you can play ‘til your heart’s content. This is blending lines here but if you play your notes right you might even be able to summon a Double Dragonzord!

…Or my Game Boy.

6’6”, 300+ lbs of pure muscle. Same imposing object as the Green Ranger.

Oh, I used to wear green, too… then I switched to purple.

So this is me twiddling my thumbs waiting for HR to reply! Why does HR take forever and why do you never get what you want from them initially? It’s like HR is only used for optics or something and PROVIDES NO PURPOSE WHATSOEVER.

Zenful breath in. Zenful breath out.

Okay, I’m calm.

Now excuse me while I use WWM® and fix my March Madness bracket. Gonna take that Oral Roberts going a couple rounds and look like a genius. 🙂