New Signing….
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New Signing….

HOW has just learned that none other than Arthur Pleasant has signed a deal to wrestle for the company.

When attempting to catch up with the man known as “The Provocateur”, “The Denizen of Decay”, and “The Infamous One”, for a word on this news… he had the following the say:

“What?! I signed with High Octane Wrestling?! Oh yeah, I did. Furtherwhat, you… want some words about my signing? Why? Hahaha… yeaaaaah I’m sure nobody gives a shit. I mean, why would anybody give a shit when you have all that talent at the ready? But here’s the rub from that: they’re gonna. Mhm. They’re gonna give ALL the fucking shits when I unleash my brand of wrestling onto them. Oh and… FUCK Lindsay Troy! Right in the fucking eyelid. That’s right. SHE KNOWS. Now get fucking lost before I get offended by how close you’re standing to me and decide to have you Johnny Depped.”

Suffice to say that Arthur Pleasant’s signing with High Octane Wrestling is an interesting one as it is bound to cause endless waves from those familiar with his sadistic behavior inside a wrestling ring, as well as his bizarre and outlandish behavior outside of it.

Stay tuned for more information on Arthur Pleasant!