Human Resources: “Teddy Palmers are not drinks.”
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Human Resources: “Teddy Palmers are not drinks.”


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois


After a query by an anonymous employee Human Resources is happy to announce we have completed an investigation confirming that Teddy Palmer is both a professional wrestler AND an euphemism for a hand job but not a drink mixing ice tea with lemonade. Thank you for your patience during our inquiry. On a related note Teddy Palmer will be facing deadbeat dad and Joseph Stalin’s chubbier body double, John Sektor. Can the HOW veteran conquer the canny Palmer?

On a side note Refueled LVI is looking to be one of the most promoted shows in recent weeks with an almost 500% increase in news posts related to it. Some within High Octane Wrestling believe the recent increase in exposure is thanks to the inventive and intuitive genius of the new President of Human Resources, Sutler Reynolds-Kael. All while also raising John Sektor’s daughter, what a guy!

Could Sutler Reynolds-Kael be in line for entry into the High Octane Hall of Fame?

“If I were wrestling this week I would have already gotten all my promos in AND had time to tweet, post news and raise a family. Unlike some people I know.” Sutler was quoted as saying before coughing the name John Sektor into his arm. “Listen, I gotta run, I’ve got a Teddy Palmer waiting for me back in my office.”

Keep up the good work!






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