HR Statement on Promo Edits
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HR Statement on Promo Edits


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois

Human Resources would like to remind all contracted talent that you have a ten minute window to submit any edits to your promos once they have been submitted. Due to our processing protocols any promos which are edited after the 15 minute window will not be considered for official airing.

This means that if you were to submit your promo at 11:58 PM of the deadline you would have until 12:13 AM to submit any edits (these edits MUST NOT be more than spelling corrections and grammarical fixes. Adding blocks of content will result in promo not counting)

“Why do we need to remind people of this? What does this have to do with time travel? Has anyone else noticed that weird glowing crack in time and space localized in the Area 2 Utility Closet? I need the number for MIT or maybe Bill Gates?” Sutler “Concerned But Not Yet Alarmed” Reynolds-Kael was quoted when asked about the editing rules.

Thank You!