HR concerned about flipping the Byrd
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HR concerned about flipping the Byrd


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois

A friendly reminder to all HOW staff that High Octane Wrestling does not condone or support incest, both because of the social stigma as well as the potential genetic deficiencies the offspring of such relationships can be afflicted with. In related news Zeb Martin, who is being calling a text book example of why family trees shouldn’t look like Christmas wreaths,  will be facing Clay Byrd at Refueled LVI.

The big Texan, Clay Byrd, a mountain of man that reminds us of Gunny Sergeant’s famous observation of those from the Lone Star State, looks to bring honor to his father’s ranch, we assume. Zeb Martin for his part is going to try and dip his hands into the dangerous waters of the High Octane River to noodle himself a victory. Human Resources would like to remind Zeb Martin that he could have been a World Tag Team Champion but instead he’s going to get wrecked by Lindsay Troy’s new boyfriend so good luck with that.

Another friendly reminder that relationships between contracted talent should remind physical. Nobody wants you catching feelings, okay?

“Honestly I hope Clay Byrd beats the dog shit out of Zeb Martin. You know I offered to carry that guy to a Tag Team Championship reign and he turned me down? I wouldn’t spit in his face if it was on fire.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, Philanthropist

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