HOW isn’t as Loveless as Originally Thought!
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HOW isn’t as Loveless as Originally Thought!


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois

Following Lee Best’s announcement of the Refueled LVI card HR has been working tirelessly to confirm that Simon Loveless is employed with High Octane Wrestling. We can now confirmed that not only is Simon Loveless employed in High Octane Wrestling but actually sits at 1-1. How exciting! More importantly this means that Simon Loveless verses High Flyer is officially happening!

Can the veteran High Flyer brush off his loss at March to Glory when he faces off against the 2nd generation wrestler, Simon Loveless? Find out Saturday March 27, 2021 because you’ll all be here anyway, it’s your job and you’ll all be working. Lucky you!

A friendly reminder to all talent, High Octane Wrestling receives a tax break for a diversified weight and height amongst employees. Over the years High Octane Wrestling has used shady South American doctors to make radical changes but now thanks to stem cell research and a partnership with GLORIOUS LEADER LABRATORIES, a subsidiarity of Best Korea LLC., we can make those changes from an unknown and mysterious location potentially near you. Consider adding or reducing today!

“From what I understand it’s horrifically painful and doctors warn it might hit your creativity score for a few weeks but that clears up pretty quickly, whatever that means. I’m not a human doctor professor.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael