HOW adds LeRoux to thicken le plot
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HOW adds LeRoux to thicken le plot


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois

On the upcoming Refueled LVI we will see Desmond LeRoux in action against Sean Stevens. After reviewing their H.R. files we want to make it very clear that Sean Stevens is not Scott Stevens. Desmond is from Lake Charles, Louisiana raised in a low income family with even lower expectations. He’ll either end up the friend of Zeb Martin or the target of a cease and desist order, only time will tell. That’s all we’re able to discuss about these two at this time, for legal reasons.

Also a friendly reminder after midnight tonight the new disciplinary protocols that were discussed during the HR Staff Meeting last Wednesday will be enacted. As per Article 50, section 2, sub-section 9 the prementioned behavior is now illegal and will result in a fine of 20,000 dollars and as much as a three month suspension. Refrain from the prementioned behavior, and any related actions as mentioned in the bylaw. Remember, if you are unsure if you can, don’t. But maybe? No, don’t.

“Life is easier if you don’t for everybody. Together, so long as we don’t, then things won’t. And if they won’t then we’re all doing. So don’t do so you can be doing a don’t. Also Desmond LeRoux and Sean Stevens is probably going to be okay or whatever.” – Sutler Reynolds-Kael, Son of Scions, President of Human Resources, Champion of the World and potential Sun God now? Maybe? Is that how that works?

If you have any questions or require further clarification reread this post.

Thank you!