Re: Human Resources RE-PLY
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Re: Human Resources RE-PLY


Best Arena Storage Room B Human Resources Suite 97

Chicago, Illinois

Following the unprovoked and heinous attack news post by contracted talent, Rah Conor Fuse, the aforementioned wrestler is banned from in-ring competition for one week. Using Time Travel Technology (TTT™) we have retroactively removed him from the card which is why none of you remember him being booked. They will instead be given time for an in-ring segment to appease Conor Fuse’s seven OnlyFan members.

“I re-fuse to allow that kind of Conor Artistry on the High Octane Wrestling website however we at Human Resources also respect, I guess, Conor’s hustle and his small but creepy fanbase.” Sutler “Big News” Reynolds-Kael was quoted as saying after having Rah Conor Fuse removed from the most recent card.

Human Resources can confirm that time travel is hazardous to the Time Space Continuum, please refrain from personal use. Should Conor Fuse experience any negative consequences of his personal timeline being effected he should inform Zeb Martin immediately so he may begin regretting excluding Sutler Reynolds-Kael from his Tag Title Match.

Thank you!