Welcome to the land of High Octane….
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Welcome to the land of High Octane….

We here at HOWrestling.com were sent the following late last night. It appears we have yet another signing to kick off 2021.


It’s a cold frigid night in Ohio where Michael Cade had been spending holidays. Trickling of water still drips falling from the tree branches beginning to freeze as the temperature drops.

Michael Cade stands outside with a freezing HOW camera crew. His hands jammed into the pockets of his jacket. He’s too old to pretend to be more manly in such weather. It’s a message he felt needed to be made with the pretend toughness. He no longer feels it necessary to prove a child like stubbornness.

He stands staring towards the camera ignoring the fact it’s odd that HOW didn’t send an interview person. It’s just the camera crew and him and it feels just right.

The camera operator raises his hand and counts down with the closing of his fingers. With that final lowering of an index finger Michael Cade’s High Octane career begins.

He momentarily stammers for the right words as an old tingle of needing to make a stern point crept into the back of his mind.

I’m not going to come out here and give a false impression of the man you see standing before you. I’ve got a young punk kid that would be filled with piss and brimstone trying to shoot on the entire roster. I’m not that guy… I came by it honestly once… a very long time ago. Twenty years ago those hot words burnt the end of my tongue and I spit fire with the best of the young dragons.

My hands and knees hurt a little more and my bones feel a bit heavier today then way back when. My quick wit and sense of humor are a bit more sixties Rocky and a lot less thirty’s Rambo.

High Octane asks the question who is Michael Cade. If I’m being truthful in that answer… I guess we’ll both find out.”

He raises his hand motioning that he’s done for the night. Keeping it simple and not giving any answers; too anything. Least of all who really is this guy. Perhaps, he speaks both truth and mystery. It’s not far off from some men not understanding their place in life. Sometimes… that’s got to be fought for in a war of self.

They call it High Octane and Michael Cade believes he’s got the fuel tank to compete. He’s just not pissing into the wind on this night.