The ink is dry….
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The ink is dry….

SCENE: Chicago’s Navy Pier
January 2nd, 2021- 2 PM CST

Standing in front of the Bob Newhart Statue and Couch at the end of the Navy Pier with the impressive downtown Chicago skyline in the background, High Octane Wrestling’s intrepid backstage reporter Blaire Moise shivers as the cold wind comes in off Lake Michigan.  

Why is she there?  To cover the announcement marking the return of a former HOW wrestler.

Blaire Moise (muttering to herself): What kind of idiot would hold an outside press gathering on a thirty-five degree day?

Blaire would get her answer soon enough as an old, ratty, and rusted school bus plows over the red ‘All Vehicle Traffic is Prohibited Past This Point’ sign along the north end of the pier.  The bus pulls around the Aon Grand Ballroom and the commotion the vehicle creates causes the few people hearty enough to brave the elements to scatter.  

The noise from the bus also causes Blaire to turn her head.  Her eyes widen when she catches sight of the old rickety bus chugging its way towards the Bob Newhart statue.

Blaire Moise: Oh.  My.  God.

Stopping just short of her position, the bus door opens up and the driver motions Blaire to get on the bus.  The HOTv cameraman follows.

On the bus, the very chilly and abnormally dressed in heavy coats to keep warm the ten women of the BronzeBeach Suntan Bikini Team occupy the front of the bus.  Next, assorted members of the entourage. 

Finally, she reaches the back of the bus where a man with longish brown hair and beard, a black scarf, a long, flowing brown robe, and dark sunglasses awaits.  

Blaire Moise: It’s you?  You’re back?

The man is The Sunshine God himself- Rah.  By his nod, he confirms that Rah is in fact returning to HOW.