Between the Ropes with Jason Cashe
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Between the Ropes with Jason Cashe

Hi there, this is Jack Dawson, with I recently sat down for an interview with one of HOW’s newest signees, Jason Cashe.



There is static and all of a sudden the logo for Between the Ropes in the shape of a marijuana leaf comes onto the screen behind a purple haze of smoke as the Between the Ropes theme song hits, Jack Dawson sits behind his large wooden desk waiting to kick things off.

Jack Dawson: Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen!

The studio audience claps and cheers with enthusiasm.

Jack Dawson: Welcome to the first to Between the Ropes of the new year and I am your host, Jack Dawson!

The studio audience cheers grow louder.

Jack Dawson: That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it is a new year and it’s out with the old and in with the new. We say goodbye to the miserable and shitty fucking year that was 2020 and hope that 2021 will be a more enjoyable year..

The giant smile that is on the host’s face slowly fades.

Jack Dawson: 2020 wasn’t just a shitty year for people around the world it was shitty for us in HOW as well.

The audience “awwwws” by the statement.

Jack Dawson: We lost a lot of things.

Jack stats as it looks like he’s about to tear up.

Jack Dawson: Lee Best announced that their wouldn’t be an LBI this year.

The sadness begins to fill the room.

Jack Dawson: The legendary ICON championship was retired.

Eyes in the studio begin to tear up.

Jack Dawson: More importantly, we lost a legendary Hall of Famer by the name of Max Kael.

The waterworks begin to flow and Jack takes a moment to compose himself.

Jack Dawson: But like the phoenix we rose again from the ashes and we have the return of the HOFC championship. We have the emergence of Max Kael’s son Sutler. More importantly, we have the creation of the DeNucci Cup in honor of HOW Hall of Famer, Michael DeNucci.

Jack nods.

Jack Dawson: If you are unfamiliar with Michael DeNucci, he is the mad scientist behind the HOFC division. He also solidified the division and championship when he became the first ever HOFC champion when he defeated “The Monster” Chris Kostoff in Kostoff’s own match at Rumble at the Rock 2.

Jack gives a brief history behind the HOFC championship and division.

Jack Dawson: Some say that this championship is a gimmick championship and that it doesn’t measure up to the rest and I will say to the people who think that you have your head up your ass.

Jack says bluntly.

Jack Dawson: You see, many have stepped into the HOFC division thinking it was going to be a piece of cake when it turned out to be a kick in the balls. There is a reason why there have only been twelve champions between seven people.

Jack nods.

Jack Dawson: Out of those seven people, five of them are HOW Hall of Famer, one is a multiple time World champion, and the other is the man who haunts Scottywood’s nightmares to the point he wets the bed, Gino Giordano.

Jack smirks before continuing.

Jack Dawson: That makes the HOFC championship one of the most coveted and hard to win titles there is because ladies and gentlemen not everyone has the necessary skills to get the job done.

The audience cheers and begins a HOFC chant.

Jack Dawson: This is why each match in the DeNucci Cup tournament is important because if you lose…YOU GONE!

Jack shouts as he throws his thumb behind him pointing to the exit sign.

Jack Dawson: It is a single elimination tournament where the winner will receive the DeNucci Cup trophy and be crowned the HOFC champion as well. Some could say this could make them the greatest HOFC champion based on the competition in this year’s tournament, and there is a lot of heavy hitters this year.

A massive grin forms on the face of the host.

Jack Dawson: But that’s not all.

Jack holds up a finger.

Jack Dawson: We also were informed that Mike Best will also be defending his World title throughout the tournament if he survives Chris Kostoff in the first round so the eventually winner may walk out with two championships.

The audience cheers and Jack simply nods.

Jack Dawson: This brings me to my first guest of the new year, and this week’s special guest is none other than HOW’s resident masked vigilante, Jason Cashe.

A spotlight shines down over the entrance where guests appear from. Stepping into that spotlight was a familiar man in a black Ski Mask. He was wearing a throwback ‘NewGen’ T-Shirt which was a direct reference to Brian Hollywood. Heading over to take a seat, he pulls the mask off his face, his beard flops out of it as Jason Cashe smiles to the crowd and then towards Jack Dawson.

Jason Cashe: How the hell are ya? Thanks for having me..

Jack Dawson: Welcome to the show Mr. Cashe and I’m doing awesome. Thanks for asking.

Jack replies while looking at his notes.

Jack Dawson: What have you been up to? How was the Holidays? What did you do for fun? What does Jason Cashe do for fun besides beating people up?

Jason Cashe: Better than I’ve been but everyone has their demons. Holidays? I typically don’t do Holidays but this year.. I made an exception. What do I do for fun?

Pausing, Cashe lets out a sigh.

Jason Cashe: Dawson, can I call you Dawson? This as far as I was told was a Wrestling Interview. What I do in my free time, who I do it with and such isn’t really anything more than filler to fill time. Do you care? I know you have these questions lined up on a piece of paper and you are just doing the job you were hired to do but let’s cut out the filler.. One wrong word in a sentence these days and ohh my gawd, you get ridiculed like a bitch labeled witch in Salem. I’m doing good though.. Since you asked.

Jack Dawson: Fair enough. Let’s cut out the filler and get straight to the meat of it, shall we?

Jason nods in agreement.

Jack Dawson: Jason, this isn’t your first time in HOW is it?

Jason Cashe: No. Once upon a time in a land with Dragons! When representing your employer was like having been jumped into a gang.. I made an appearance or two. Kind of fuzzy on the overall but I remember being naughty!

Giving his words a laugh, Cashe remembered bits and pieces. This business wasn’t good at helping you retain every memory. It’s not like he was ever accused of having a photographic memory.

Jack Dawson: Only the most hardcore of fans would know or who aren’t Stevenspedia marks that the last time you were in a HOW ring was back in 2016. You turned your back on your fellow company’s team and cost them War Games when you attacked Jason Parker Davidson. Why did you do it?

Jason Cashe: JPD was a pudwacker. The dripping aftermath of a used douche. It wasn’t hard for Lee Best to persuade me to turn on the company I helped build with JPD as the Team Captain for 4CW. To turn on what was led by Wallace? He was a choke and jerk loser who stumbled into money and bought himself a wrestling company. His biggest turn on was buying out all the top talent from every other promotion before hating his own investment. I’m dumb on everyday that ends in a Y but I’m not blind and that was an easy decision to see and make.

Jack Dawson: Money talks and bullshit walks.

Jason Cashe: I’d have done it for peanuts!

Jack Dawson: I’m sure Perry Wallace wasn’t happy with what happened. How is Perry by the way?

Shrugging as he sniffs deep and swipes his nose with the back of his hand.

Jason Cashe: No idea. I went back to 4CW towards the end but the last time I seent that bag of wet shit was when he fell down some stairs, I laughed and he fired me. Not once during the Tag Tournament I took part in or that sweeping Best of Seven did I see Perry Wallace in person or speak with him.

Jack Dawson: Mr. Wallace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Jason Cashe: More like fermented prune juice.

Jack Dawson: Before we get into why you’re back here in High Octane Wrestling, give the fans who might not know you a little bit of information about yourself. What companies have you wrestled in? What are some of your biggest accomplishments? Biggest matches? Etc. Being a 20 year veteran of this industry I’m sure you have a lot of stories to tell.

Jason Cashe: Technically 18-19 years. Let me not confuse people.. I am not one of those guys who take a piss and urinate on their own nuts. I don’t need to measure my dick because it’s been swinging plenty and most either hate me or dislike me but they know of my consistency. Injuries to the body and mind happen to us all and to think I haven’t taken time off when needed is just lazy and unbelievable. Let’s not round numbers up.

Adjusting in his seat, Cashe looks over at Jack Dawson who genuinely seems interested.

Jason Cashe: I hate those people who sit back and tell tales of their greatest adventures like everyone played the fucking game. To those who don’t know me, what I have done, where I have been? I guess ask around. You can borrow opinions and gather up all the details you need to sell one narrative or another. I keep it interesting. I’ve won some Titles but unless you have won something in the last two or so years, nobody gives a damn! If you are in a company, freshly signed right? That company’s history is what matters. If you are not in that history then you are a rookie to the system in place and they ALL have systems! What memories I have in my career are remembered by me and those who were close enough to see or experience them as well because it is only there that those achievements count for something. 4CW was 3-4 years ago. APW was before that. PCW. TCW. Companies nobody now even recognizes or the initials mean something different because how many APWs or PCWs have there been?

Jack nods in agreement with Cashe’s statement.

Jack Dawson: So what about more recently? Maybe tell the viewers about Mainstream Wrestling. The company you have basically called home since 4CW.

Jason Cashe: Mainstream is home for me. I have been their World Heavyweight Champion as well as a lengthy run as World Television Champion. They have an archive on the Battleground Network you can go see. I was signed exclusively by Mainstream after I negotiated with GCWA and am now free to sign onto another promotion. As you can see by me sitting here today!

Jack Dawson: You mentioned 4CW and some say you are the greatest wrestler to come out of that company. Some say you are the franchise, the backbone even of that promotion. What are your thoughts on the people that claim that?

A long, jaw slightly dropped open stare from Cashe to Dawson. The moment of silence was bad for ratings.

Jason Cashe: Nobody says that.. Did you interview my Mother? No, not even she would lie that bad. I won the Title three times there. I beat some great names and I got beat by some great ones just the same. In truth? I am tired of being attached to the 4CW name. Let me put on my mask and you can pretend Jason Cashe left the building.. Kay? Cool.

Doing as he suggested he would do. Cashe pulls down the Ski Mask back over his face. Now he was Ski Mask or J-A-C and he would deepen his voice to play the part.

Jack Dawson: First off then, Welcome Ski Mask to the show! Recently you revealed yourself to the HOW audience as this Ski Mask J-A-C, but why the mask? Why attack Darin Matthews and Brian Hollywood? Why play games for a month?

Slow turning at the neck, Ski Mask J-A-C stares at Jack Dawson. Eyes like ice cubes with a cold stare.

Ski Mask JAC: Games?

Snapping, Ski Mask JAC slaps down on the surface of the table. Jack Dawson startles and flinches as a wilder worded Ski Mask emerges.

Ski Mask JAC: WHO DOESN’T LIKE GAMES, HUH!? I like games! Do yooou like games Mr. Dawson?

Jack Dawson: I am partial to Scrabble..

Impressed with the snappy comeback response. Ski Mask lowers his excitement, his voice almost a play on Bruce Wayne inside a Batsuit.

Ski Mask JAC: I enjoy a good game. I see people like Brian Hollywood and Zion.. Fuck him, that’s his name. I see them and I see diaper wearing, shitting themselves and crying for a bottle, babies! Poor Hollywood! He has had it rough this past year.. I HAVE fallen off the cliff myself so I can relate to how he feels and WISH I had someone who would have helped me climb out of that great depressing hole he has fallen in. With Dur Darin, after I slammed and slammed and SLAMMED a car door into Hollywood’s head, I heard a few whispers. Did Darin do it? They were friends. Buddies. Pals. Could he? Would he have? Fuck THAT! LET ME TELL YOU!! I couldn’t let that living, breathing, punching bag get credit for MY work! Plus after Hollywood? I got a bit excited! I wanted more like a hunter wants to hunt, like a fat fuck wants more food! Darin was a side dish on my plate..

Jack Dawson: I have to ask, who approached who first between you and Mr. Best?

Ski Mask JAC: Shame on you! If Lee hired me then he knew I was behind the attacks. If he knew then he willingly allowed his roster to be placed in harm’s way because I am not done. I have not completed my mission or served my purpose. Such accusations against a professional and caring individual as is Lee Best….

Jack throws his hands up getting at what Ski Mask JAC is implying.

Jack Dawson: What are your thoughts on the DeNucci Cup? What are your thoughts on not only becoming the HOFC champion, but HOW World champion as well?

The Ski Mask is removed once more. It was making Cashe hot underneath. Wiping sweat from his brow, he places thought and words to Dawson’s question.

Jason Cashe: I was actually supposed to fight Mike Best years ago. Right before he left and signed with UTA for however long that lasted. I won’t take a dive to not have them but I am not here to just add Titles to my waist and shoulders. I am here in High Octane for a number of reasons. One of them being competition. Beat me. Lump me the fuck up and know I am too dumb to play smart but I am to stupid to know when to stay down. I can admit these things because that is part of my motivation to be in this business. I could go and have a church of children! I could tiktok! I could do it for the gram but those things would lead me to suicide. I am not that empty inside and I have enough in my life to know that while depression is real, I cannot cover up ugly just because I use a snapchat filter.

Jack begins to chuckle and Cashe shoots him a look and Dawson regain his composure real quick.

Jack Dawson: In the tournament, you are one of four people to luck out with a first round bye. What are your thoughts on receiving one of the byes?

Jason Cashe: Lame. The fuck I look like? A Besaid Auroch? Let me fight already, let me loose like Wakka Flakka and see people getting bit, shit on and pissed off. Making me wait is creating a fiend.

Jack Dawson: That may be the point.

Jason Cashe: Getting an opportunity to see Mike Best in the ring. To get another crack at Shawn Warstein. Every name in this tournament are names that carry weight. Top talent from HOW and beyond. I just want the opportunity to compete. To sign some Autographs and maybe get signed with one, who knows?

Jack Dawson: Autograph?

Jason Cashe: Getting hit with a finisher. In this business, our sport, it is like swapping jerseys. It is like getting something signed by a celebrity. I want to give plenty of Autographs and get a few as well. I aim to have a collection.

Jack Dawson: I see. Well, I’d like to thank our guest for coming onto the show and good luck in the upcoming tournament.

Jason Cashe: We done?

Pushing up from his chair, Cashe heads back the way he entered.