New signings….
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New signings….

First off everyone here at hopes everyone had a very happy and safe holiday. We are grateful that you all have chosen to be a part of the land of High Octane and we look forward to what the new year will bring.

What we DO KNOW about 2021 is that The DeNucci Cup will be replacing the annual Lee Best Invitational. Today we would like to announce a couple of new names added to the mix:

  • Clay Byrd
  • Shawn Warstein

We were able to get a few words from each:

Shawn Warstein:

“I thought it  was D-Cups…… who the hell is DeNucci?”

When it was explained to him what it was this was his response.

“Ohhh Mikey Best and his traveling band or merry idiots? Cool. I guess I’ll have to retract that whole, no Defiance or HOW thing huh? So when does this party start?”

Before we were able to ask anymore questions Mr. Warstein had already left without another word.

Clay Byrd:

Longtime combat sports veteran Clay Byrd has been announced for the DeNucci Cup. Clay hails from Plainview, Texas and is a second generation combat sports star. Clay formerly played for the University of Texas during the teams National Championship run in 2002. After spending the first 12 years of his career in Japan, the gigantic has returned stateside to seek his fame and fortune.

When asked for comment the six foot eight inch, two hundred and ninety pounder responded.

“I’m thrilled ta have a chance of bringin’ my talents ta High Octane Wrestling. This here tournament is fixin’ ta have some of the best of the best. Talent unlike anything assembled before. Lil Mikey Lee Best, Son of God, best wrassler on the planet and a gigantic fuckin’ narcissist all rolled up inta one extremely punchable package.

Ya got that Dan Ryan guy, the man’s a fuckin’ legend ‘round them parts. Them parts bein’ south Texas. Nobody else in Texas likes people from Houston. So fuck Dan Ryan.

This tournament could have the most combined ring experience of any tournament ever. I’ve been told the winner will receive a custom engraved walker one-a-them hover-round things. And since I’m gettin’ older myself, I have a vested interest in winnin’ that there hover-round and scootin’ my ass all over my ranch like I’m in the fuckin’ Jetson’s. I do understand there will be other members of the geriatric community in the tournament. Men like Steve Solex, Sektor, Scottywood and Kostoff. All of these men are old ‘nough ta be receivin’ medicaid, which will gladly pay fer these old fucks ta get their own damn hover-round.

Speakin’ of Kostoff, I’m not sure if that feller’s got the hamster runnin’ at full capacity if ya know what I mean. Grandpa Kostoff is goin’ on fifty years old. That’s five and a fuckin’ oh, the man was actually born before the fuckin’ Atari. That vidya game lovin’ city boy, Conor Fuse has only seen one a them things in a fuckin’ museum. I truly don’t understand how a young feller who has there entire power grid ran by moose chasin’ maple syrup and molson can enjoy playin’ vidya games. I hated them with roamin’ black outs, could ya imagine when one of the moose runs out of syrup?

Ya also got this Teddy Palmer guy, I heard he did somethin’ once but I’m pretty sure it had somethin’ ta do with last year. Congrats Teddy, I’ll make sure I get someone ta send ya a card. Cancer Jiles… this man made an actual duckface while wearin’ aviators. I’m pretty sure the man forces Tom Cruise ta hide from all imagery of Cancer Jiles, Mr. Cruise, the greatest aviator wearer of all time will surely burst inta flames after havin’ himself a look at Cancer ‘Duckface’ Jiles.

I have no clue who the fuck Jason Cashe is, but I would like ta extend an invitation out ta my ranch ta a fellow good ol’ boy Zeb Martin, the man I’m sure is great at wranglin’ himself up some bass and I could use a few pointers myself.

Ta make a long story much shorter, I look forward ta punchin’ y’all in the head many times durin’ this tournament. I won’t be wishin’ any of my geriatric entitled asshole opponents well. I’ll actually be hopin’ y’all experience non-contact injuries on the way ta the octagon. I wish y’all the absolute worst luck trainin’ and hope ya’ll get hit by a car.

See y’all soon.”

Stay tuned to as the roster for 2021 and the participants for The DeNucci Cup continue to be announced.