Legion comes to HOW
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Legion comes to HOW

In a flurry of activity tonight we can confirm yet another signing and a new entrant to the DeNucci Cup, and he has left the wrestling world asking many questions.
In a video that has been making the rounds in media, Xander “Legion” Azula has made his intentions, and his presence, known:


[Video starts with static, with the “snow” eventually clearing out to reveal Xander Azula.]

“When I was new to this business, I acted as a child would. Demanding I get what was rightfully mine, refusing to deal with certain individuals and groups purely because of a reputation set by my peers…and yet, I eventually grew tired and set aside childish things.”

[We hear shouts of affirmation as a few figures come into frame, revealing that Xander is not alone.]

“Having grown out of childish behaviors, I have come to realize that chaos deserves a space to grow…no matter where that may be. I have watched from the shadows, keeping my eyes on where to spread discord for the sake of our sweet, sweet Eris…and my eyes fell upon High Octane Wrestling.”

[Xander lets out a chuckle, a smirk on his face at the thought.]

“I have received my invitation to take part in the DeNucci Cup, and with this proclamation I do solemnly swear to bring forth the word of the Eternal Circle…and the word is mayhem.”

[Xander’s disciples continue their shouts of affirmation, much to his delight.]

“To those who would oppose the might of the Circle, to stop the onslaught of the Legion, I simply say good luck…you’re going to need it. Hail Eris, hail Discordia.”

[These final words are repeated by his disciples as the video cuts out.]