First Battle Royal Participant Announced
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First Battle Royal Participant Announced

The first shot has been fired as it pertains to the ICONIC Battle Royal, and with it High Octane has been put on notice.
Last year’s Lee Best Invitational Winner, Teddy Palmer, has announced his return to the company and inclusion in this year’s Denucci Cup, entering December 19th’s multi person frenzy where the winner earns the right to name one of the groups in the Cup.
When reaching out to Palmer about his decision to announce his return rather than surprise the High Octane locker room, his response was short and to the point:
“I’ve never been one for surprises, but rather spoilers. Change the format, change the combat style, it really doesn’t matter. The Denucci Cup ends the same way the LBI ended last year: Teddy Palmer standing victorious.”
More details to follow as this story develops.