Another spot filled….
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Another spot filled….

We here at can confirm yet another signing to High Octane Wrestling and entrant into the first ever DeNucci Cup.
We were sent the following interview today that was completed late last night:

Brian Bare:  Today I have the enjoyment to welcome a young man to High Octane Wrestling. He is known as Pretty Boy Devin DeSean!

A pause as the camera moves to show an young adonis looking man standing there in a designer jacket open to show his well defined physique. He had a mixture of youthful assurance with a touch of arrogance that comes from years experience look about him. It was clear by looking at him he wasn’t old enough to possess more a few years experience in the business.

Devin DeSean:  Well after all the different places I could of ended up, I decided to grace Hight Octane Wrestling with being the vessel to set sale on what will be the best career in not only years or decades, but the best career in the history of the business!

Devin speaks with a oddly calm tone but energetic tempo that draws those listening in.

Devin DeSean: Obviously this is something that every new John, Terry, Mike, and I guess even little Susie Suplexes think and scream as they throw around words about being the best, the goat, and something that we have never seen before well…

A pause for effect.

Devin DeSean: Bri…Sorry…Mr. Bare…Let me maintain my manners. I am not something that you and the fans have never seen before. I am not a great Power house, or Submission expert, not a Hardcore Icon…I am Pretty Boy Devin DeSean! What you see here will be the absolute culmination of all you have seen, conveniently wrapped up into one smooth well oiled machine that refuses to stop until I can’t get back to my feet! So just remember this all of you established stars here…

Devin pauses and makes sure to look directly at the camera this time and in a controlled and calm tone and pace says what many will learn is his catch motto.

Devin DeSean: Winning the match is not always the goal, sometimes its more important to make your opponent leave the match unsure how they managed to pull it off! Thank you for your time Mr. Bare, are we doing the signing here, or will we be making our way into another room?

Brian Bare:  Isn’t what you just said the same thing you are claiming others have done, Pretty Boy?

He asked Devin, who looked back at him, his demeanor still one of calm determination and confidence.

Devin DeSean: is simply a warning to those that think they have an advantage over me. I will learn from every win, draw, loss, and encounter with those that deem themselves the best at what they do. Once I have gained a measure of understanding, they will be brought down to the reality that is Pretty Boy Devin DeSean!

Brian Bare: What is that reality?

Devin DeSean: The reality is that their best was barely enough to keep me down long enough to get a win over me, and that bit of reality will be what leads me to rise higher then they could hope to every achieve!

End of transmission