Words from GOD….late night edition
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Words from GOD….late night edition


Did not see the bottom falling out already for a few folks here recently.

So if you didnt pick up what happened tonight then let me spell it out for you……very plainly.

Doozer is out of the Best Alliance. GOLDEN chance to go to ICONIC and kick off a big singles run……..but nah……not going to happen. This is why its called The Best ALLIANCE. We are not family. We are not necessarily even friendly. We aligned to get shit done…and Doozer was NOT getting shit done. Easy move for me to move on. Kudos to Solex for taking the orders and actually getting shit done.

Moving on…

The old hag won the belt. Yippee. From what I was told she wrapped Hughie up like a pretzel and he passed out….which is not the same as saying I QUIT….which was the stipulation.

SOOOOOOO with that said….and because I am a GOD of sound mind and judgment…..

At ICONIC it will be Old Hag Troy defending the LSD Championship against her already scheduled opponent Jatt Starr AND the man that earned the right to wrestle for the Championship at ICONIC, Steve Harrison………AND the man that she just defeated tonight who DID NOT QUIT and DESERVES a rematch…..Hughie Freeman.



World/ICON Championship Match
Dan Ryan © vs. Michael Lee Best©

LSD Championship Match
Steve Harrison vs. Hughie Freeman vs. Jatt Starr vs. Lindsay Troy©

Singles Match
Steve Solex vs. Joe Bergmen

Singles Match
Conor Fuse vs. Scottywood

Singles Match
High Flyer vs. John Sektor