The End is Near
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The End is Near

The end is near for one of my MOST favorite things I have created here in High Octane Wrestling™…….

The ICON Championship.

I was hoping for a better and hot build heading towards ICONIC but I have full confidence in the champion Dan Ryan and my Son to really tear down the house and send the ICON Championship into retirement with a literal classic.

There is a reason the ICON Championship is being retired and like many long term ideas here in HOW….it might not always go according to plan……but it will happen.

You see I want to do something different to kick off the year. I knew the second last years LBI was over that I was NOT going to do that again. It did not take me long to know exactly what I wanted to do and now a lot of people are going to know WHY I said NO to several ideas that were presented to me over this past year.

So instead of talking about it….let me just show you:

Trust in your GOD.