Sweet Caroline
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Sweet Caroline

A video that was originally shot in 2006 has been doing the rounds on the Internet via the Internet Wrestling Community.

The video is from a poor quality mobile phone that is filmed in a barn. In the barn of about three hundred fans cramped in attendance for an underground (probably very illegal) bare knuckle boxing event.

Instantly, ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond belts out into the barn. This creates the fans to fanatically roar. The footage then centralises around one man: Hughie Freeman.

Freeman is about eighteen years old, as skinny as a rake, and more baby-faced than cute little Conor Fuse.

The rowdy fans begin to sing along to the local cult classic. Freeman orchestrates the noise as the footage switches over to his opponent (already in the ring). It’s a huge bald stocky mean looking fucker.. who probably out weights Hughie by three hundred pounds.

( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1vhFnTjia_I )

The footage then stumbles into a dark floor shot where it eventually dies out.