New signing made official
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New signing made official

Over the past week contracts were signed, and High Octane Wrestling is happy to announce its newest acquisition, Hannibal Frost.

Frost is a fifteen year veteran of the wrestling industry. Lee Best believes he’ll be a positive force in the locker room, and more importantly, a good investment in the ring. At only thirty-nine years old, there should still be plenty of gas left in the tank.

We reached out to Hannibal at his home. When asked why he’s decided to return to wrestling after a six year hiatus, this is what he had to say:

“I realized something not too long ago. Every company I’d ever wrestled for… ended up destroying itself. I never got to ride off into the sunset. The sunset was always a mushroom cloud, and I was always running in the opposite direction. High Octane Wrestling looks to be a welcome change of pace. Gotta’ respect how long this company has survived, because sometimes surviving ain’t so easy. You gotta’ fight to make it in this world, and I’m gonna’ throw down hard to make sure this institution keeps itself together. I’ve found my sunset. I won’t back down now.”

Good luck to Hannibal Frost as he makes his transition into the company. He’s going to need it.