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Medical Update

We here at have been informed on a medical update on former HOW employee, Scott Stevens.

Last time Stevens was seen in a HOW ring was a little over a week ago when he went head to head with the Hammer of GOD, and ICON champion, Dan Ryan. As we saw Dan Ryan mercilessly destroy the former World champion to the point the official in charge had to call the match. However, the brutality didn’t just stop in the ring, but Dan Ryan took it a step further when he threw Stevens out of the ring with a running Humility Bomb and Scott’s lower back collided with the security railing. After the match, the GOD of HOW himself, Lee Best, sent the Texan packing for the holidays after he feigned sympathy for the former Chief Information Officer.

The update on Scott Stevens is both good and bad.

The good news is that Stevens had successful surgery to repair his broken nose and orbital bone.

The bad news…..

When Stevens landed on the security railing he broke his L1 through L5 in the lumbar region of his spinal column.

From what we have been informed is that his L1 and L2 vertebrae were fractured, but his L3 through L5 were completely broken.

Surgery was performed to repair the damage, but it was reported that the Texan reportedly had little to no feeling in his legs.

We here at wish the former champion all the best and a speedy recovery.