Fuck Off
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Fuck Off

Flashing cameras are there on hand at the end of Refueled XVLI to catch Hughie Freeman leaving the Best Arena in the parking lot. The reporters are huddled around giving the unwashed former LSD champion limited space.

REPORTER #1: Hughie what are your thoughts on your match tonight?!

Freeman fires a stern look at the camera as he continues to walk.

REPORTER #2: What are your plans for next week?!

HUGHIE: I won’t fucking be here.

REPORTER #3: Do you still have plans for the top five?!

HUGHIE: What’s the fucking point?

REPORTER #4: Are you looking for retribution at ICONIC?!

HUGHIE: Listen, fuck off.

Hughie Freeman jumps in the back of a limo out of the limelight where the paparazzi swarm. It drives off soon after.