Between the Ropes with Tag Champions StarrSek Industries
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Between the Ropes with Tag Champions StarrSek Industries

Hi there, this is Jack Dawson, with I recently sat down for an interview with HOW’s newest Tag Team champions, Jatt Starr and John Sektor.



As the Between the Ropes theme song hits we the set has undergone major upgrades since the last show as there is now a small studio audience in the crowd and Jack Dawson sits behind a large wooden desk with a huge grin on his face.

Jack Dawson: Welcome to the new and improved Between the Ropes and I am your host, Jack Dawson!

Dawson’s enthusiasm can be heard three counties away.

Jack Dawson: I just want to thank the GOD of HOW himself, Mr. Lee Best, for having faith in us and bringing us back onto the air at HOTv. You would think his son or Mr. Woodson would’ve seen the same value in us, but I guess they don’t have an eye for talent.

Dawson says with angst in his voice.

Jack Dawson: However, that is all in the past and we are here with a brand new HOTv deal and a stunning brand new studio. Isn’t it great?

Jack motions the camera to pan around the studio.

Jack Dawson: If you like the new digs, you are definitely going to love our first guests as they are the brand new HOW Tag Team Champions! Hall of Famers, Jatt Starr and John Sektor, StarrSek Industries themselves!

The sound of Queen’s “Princes of the Universe” plays on the speakers.  The fans in the audience applaud.  Whether it’s because they love StarrSek Industries or because the “Applause” sign is flashing is uncertain.   The Tag Team Champs raise their respective championships in the air before taking a seat and the music stops.

Jack Dawson: Welcome to the show Mr. Starr and Mr. Sektor.

Jack greets his guests.

Jatt Starr:  I am only here because the gods willed it.  And there’s something of an appearance fee, if I am not mistaken.

Jack looks surprised by the mention of an appearance fee.

Jack Dawson: Appearance fee?

Jack yells to his producer off to the side and she shrugs and shakes her head.

Jack Dawson: I think you were misinformed Mr. Starr.

Jacks tells Jatt, who narrows his eyes suspiciously at the host.

Jack Dawson: Now, in case you’ve been living under a rock these two men need no introduction, but I’m going to anyway.

Jack says as he motions to his guests.

Jack Dawson: Representing the Best Alliance……the real Best Alliance not that joke of an Alliance that shit the bed.

Jack informs as he looks towards Jatt Starr first.

Jack Dawson: First, we have a Hall of Famer, multiple time World champion as well as others. The man with more nicknames than you probably have teeth. The Golden Era ICON, and who’s face shaped this place, JATT! STARR!

The audience members boo loudly.

Jack Dawson: The disrespect.

Jack shakes his head in disgust.

Jack Dawson: His partner, a Hall of Famer as well, a five World champion, the Gold Standard of HOW, and the man with the greatest mustache in HOW history, JOHN! SEKTOR!

The boos continue with the introduction of Sektor.

Jack Dawson: Keep this up and you will be thrown out.

Jack warns the audience.

Jack Dawson: This passed Saturday, you defeated Darin Zion and Brian Hollywood in a very exciting, back and forth match to become the tag team champions.

Jack hypes up his guests.

Jack Dawson: Before we get into your big victory over Brian Hollywood and Darin Zion, a lot of people have been wondering why you both have decided to come back now? I mean the last time we saw John Sektor he was battling a substance abuse problem and became the HOW World champion, and then he disappeared. Where have you been John? Did your heroin demons catch up to you?

Sektor: Are you..fucking kidding me right now?

The look on Sektors face tells the audience that he is deadly serious and just as annoyed. Dawson is stunned and looks panicked.

Sektor: We agree to do an interview with you and boost your ratings and this is how you repay us? By calling out my addiction and my past? I was under the impression that we were going to talk about the future? The future of the tag division. The future of Jatt Starr and John Sektor. The future of HOW with StarrSek Industries running the show. Where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing is none of your fucking business. Nor is it anyone elses. All you need to know is that I’m getting back to my best and soon I’ll be back to the top of the food chain!

Jack Dawson: I meant no disrespect, Mr. Sektor, but Mr. Best pays me to ask the tough questions and I thought it would be a topic of interest for everyone.

Jack replies and turns his attention to Jatt Starr.

Jack Dawson: What about you Mr. Starr?

Jatt Starr:  I’ve never done heroin.

Jack looks surprised by the answer, but continues.

Jack Dawson: Last time we saw you, you were managing your daughter, Gilda Starr. Gilda seemed to be on a roll before you stepped back into a HOW ring, and now she has disappeared? Where is Gilda? Why isn’t she competing in HOW still? Are you jealous that the spotlight was shining on top of another Starr not named Jatt?

Jatt Starr:   You’re a cocky little prick, aren’t ya?  Well, when I had my first vision from the HOW gods, Max, the Messenger of the gods, bestowed upon me some wisdom.  He said that I will find prosperity by giving myself to “them”.  Part of that is letting go of the past and looking to the future.  Whilst I wish Gilda wellness and happiness, I cannot allow the loss of her to consume me.  Looking backward is something I cannot afford to do.   Praise be to the HOW gods and their infallibility.  I have pledged myself to them and they rewarded me….US…with the Tag Team Championships.  With their support we will eradicate the scourge infecting the HOW….the Obsolete.  Gooble-Gobble!

Jack Dawson: Regardless if it was a vision, a prophecy, divine intervention, or drunken hallucinations you have been rewarded not with championship gold once again, but some say that they haven’t seen you this energized and focused since the Golden Era. How do you feel about that? Or it doesn’t matter what era of HOW it is because you’re going to come out on top anyways?

Jatt Starr:   In the end, yes.  I always win.  Ask that lummox, Kostoff.  Oh, that’s right, ya can’t!  Because StarrSek Industries bitch slapped him into that dark, empty void known as oblivion.

The crowd boos.

Jatt Starr:  May the HOW gods smite you for your blasphemy.  But Kostoff, he’s old news.  He served his purpose and was properly discarded like a used tampon.  It’s time to focus on the present and my role of the HOW gods.  Right now, the champion of the gods is Mike Best.  I’m not knocking the guy.  The gods deem him worthy of otherworldly powers.  He is rumored to be a massive cokehead who snorts lines off Lindsay Troy’s bottom.  Not exactly the poster boy for virtue.  But I don’t question.  I do what I’m told and reap the benefits.  And one large benefit is….StarrSek Industries isn’t just the best team in the HOW Tag division….We ARE the tag division.

Dawson turns his attention to Sektor.

Jack Dawson: Sektor, since you’ve returned you have been more focused than ever. Your domination over Eric Dane at Rumble at the Rock was something to see. How does it feel to be the “Gold Standard” again?

Jack asks with great curiousness in his tone. Sektor raises an eyebrow, still agitated from his previous question.

Sektor: I’ve never stopped being the “Gold Standard.” Even when I was a junkie I was winning. I have been undefeated since my return and I was a fat slob. Slowly I’m getting back there but clearly, even at half my best I am still the standard bearer in this company. Eric Dane found out why I am the ring general and why he isn’t fit to lace my boots. I feel great. Every week I get stronger. Every match I get better and these tag titles have me hungry for more success.

Jack Dawson: I agree, individually you both have looked great in the ring and together you have looked like an unstoppable unit. Now with your victory how does it feel to bring championship gold back to the Best Alliance? How tough was it to prepare for the Hollywood Boyz? Also, is the Freebird rule in effect with Steve Solex?

Sektor glances over at Jatt and Smirks.

Sektor: We knew the Hollywood Boyz would be tough. But we prepared hard and had a great game plan. Plus, when you have two of the most Iconic Hall of Famers side by side it guarantees success. Bringing the titles back to the Best Alliance only means that order has been restored. As for the Freebird rule?

Sektor glances at Jatt, who may or may not have been paying attention..

Jatt Starr:   Yeah!  Damn right “Freebird” Rules!  Skynyrd!!!!

Sektor:  No….

The Gold Standard leans over and explains the Freebird rule to the Jattinum Standard.

Jatt Starr:  Oh hell no!  These are our titles!!!  No offense to Steve.

Sektor: Steve’s a great guy and we’re grateful that he was there to call a fair and just match. But Jatt is right, StarrSek Industries won these titles and StarrSek industries will defend them.

Jack nods.

Jack Dawson: Mr. Solex did call it down the middle and you have a fair point regarding the tag titles being yours. Most people throw the Freebird rule around so much that some stablemates that didn’t win the championship are the ones who cost the champions the titles.

Jack responds and Sektor and Jatt both nod in agreement.

Jack Dawson: Since you both have returned, there have been a lot of new tag teams and singles competitors that have come into HOW. Is there anyone who you would like to face or anyone you have already faced you would want to again?

Sektor: We will face anyone. But we will decide who gets a shot. That’s how this works now. We promised we would make the tag division great for once and the only way to do that is by choosing teams who we feel are worthy enough. Ergo, Hollywood Boyz will NOT get a rematch until we think they deserve it!

Jack Dawson: That’s great to hear because the rumblings backstage for a while was that the Tag Division was dead and meaningless.

The tag champions both shake their heads at the ridiculous statement.

Jack Dawson: Now you said you are choosing the teams that you have deemed worthy. Is there any team on the roster that has caught your eye? Any team you have deemed worthy of a shot at those tag team championships sitting in your laps?

Jack asks as he points to the belts.  Jatt Starr turns to Sektor.

Jatt Starr:  I got this one.

The Ruler of Jattlantis turns back to Jack Dawson.

Jatt Starr:   No.

Jack Dawson: Not even a little hint?

The Hall of Fame duo shake their heads.

Jack Dawson: Well thank you for coming onto the show and whomever you defend your titles against may they be warned they are in for a fight.