The BEST ICONIC News of the Day….
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The BEST ICONIC News of the Day….

Good morning to everyone here in the land of Octane,

We here at the dot com have some breaking news as Lee Best dropped an early morning surprise with some ICONIC news.

We now know the when and the where is forthcoming:

Date: December 19th

Location: TBA on November 7th Refueled

So with that information released we get to the meat of this news post……the matches:

Main Event
Dan Ryan© vs. Michael Lee Best©
The number two wrestler and ICON Champion Dan Ryan will take on the number one wrestler and World Champion Michael Lee Best in a match that was booked in Lee’s mind the second his Son retained at RATR. Both Championships will be on the line in this match. The catch? Whoever wins will be the FINAL ICON CHAMPION of this era. The ICON Championship will get its proper spotlight in the main event at ICONIC and will go out in a true blaze of glory in the perfect setting for one of the most famous championships in the industry. Mike Best has said many times that Dan Ryan is the reason he is a wrestler……how long will the respect between the two men keep the build to this match civil?

LSD Championship Match
Steve Harrison vs. Hughie Freeman©
Harrison secured the No. 1 Contendership with a literal squash of Cancer Jiles at RATR and Freeman is now a free man after defending and retaining the LSD Championship versus Scottywood

Singles Match
Lindz Troy vs. Jatt Starr
The true Best Alliance member Jatt Starr will square off against the former Best Alliance member Lindsay Troy as Lee continues to push for the destruction of the Best Alliance members that abandoned him earlier in this era.  The former #1 recruit Troy will have her hands full with the Best Alliance for the foreseeable future.

Singles Match
High Flyer vs. John Sektor
Much like Troy vs. Starr, this match is all about Lee getting revenge on the former Best Alliance members. In this matchup, and after the destruction of  Eric Dane at RATR, we will see the Ring General of the Best Alliance John Sektor taking on the mania and unstable High Flyer at ICONIC. These two men are basically at the same stage of their careers but going in different directions. Will Sektor defeat yet another former Best Alliance member and set himself up to have Lee strap the rocket to him in 2021? Or will High Flyer use this match to FINALLY get some traction here in HOW and show why he is a Legend and Hall of Famer everywhere else he has been?

With those four matches booked there are limited spots on the card. There are rumors of potential other matches Lee has in mind but because of various factors he has yet to pull the trigger. There is time for EVERYONE to make the ICONIC card. One potential match…..

Doozer vs. Cancer Jiles
If it wasn’t for the fact that Doozer wants to DESTROY Jiles…..Cancer would be fired for the pathetic showing during this last month. Jiles’ complete and utter disrespect of High Octane Wrestling over the last month is not sitting well with the GOD of HOW and there is a chance this match does not make the PPV when it was something that Lee promised Doozer when the former Bandit joined The Best Alliance

What about the Tag Team Championships?

What is the real fall out for all the former members of the eGG Bandits?

Where does Conor Fuse go from here after his great but losing effort against the HOW Hall of Famer Jatt Starr?

With two PPV losses in a row where does Eric Dane go from here?

After losing his probable last LSD Championship match of his career what will Scottywood do at the final PPV of the year?

Those and SO MANY more questions to be answered over the next several weeks.

Good luck to all!!!