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Settings for RATR

Good afternoon,

Some quick hitting information courtesy of Lee Best as he comes up for air from his current 16 hour day schedule…

Here is the setting for tomorrow’s big matches for Rumble at the Rock:

General Population: 

(Ring set up in the middle of GenPop with Fans inside the cells watching the action)

Conor Fuse vs. Jatt Starr

Eric Dane vs. John Sektor

Cancer Jiles vs. Steve Harrison

Solitary Confinement: (Wrestlers released from their Cells and win via Pinfall or Submission)

LSD Championship Match (Scottywood vs. Hughie Freeman©)

Prison Yard:

(Match takes place in the infamous recreational yard. No ring. No Rules. Win by Pinfall or Submission)

ICON Championship Match (Lindseee Troy vs. Dan Ryan©)


(Only way to win the match is to drag your opponent across the entrance to the infirmary….alive or in this case Dead. Match will begin elsewhere in prison)

Death Match for the World Championship (The Minister vs. Michael Lee Best©)


So with all that said it is worth noting that Lee took notice to the personal nature of the ICON Championship match and decided that the Prison Yard would be the perfect place for this match to be moved to.

More news to come…..