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Cracking News

In honor of Max Shell, aka, Max Kael, the eGG Bandits are rumored to be rejoining for the night so that they can properly pay homage to the man with the Yolkulele.


According to Cancer Jiles that is.

The recently abused had this to say during some promotional work for Max Kael, First of his Name, Long May He MAIM, Memorial Show.

“In some ways he was the best of us. Him, and his yolk yellow eye. To quote another wrestling musician, he will be mist.”

Jiles credited the aforementioned quote to Darin Matthews, lead singer of the Hollywood Boiyz Band. After doing such, the Begotten Bandit went on to say,

“Because of this my hope is to have the eGG Bandits rejoin so that we may crack one last egg in his name. Now I know there’s going to be a lot of pill swallowing in order to get this done, but Max deserves it.” 

Jiles had this to say in regard to the willingness of the other Bandits joining him in honoring Max Shell,

“Zeb’s an honorable one. He owes me, too. Bobby, he hasn’t debuted in Defiance yet. I think I can still lure him for an appearance with fancy delights. RICK, well… I texted him in Spanish about it so he’s not going to make the ceremony. Obviously, CBD is indisposed. Trust me though, I know he would have loved to been out there one last time to pay his respects.”

Jiles was then asked if Doozer would be welcome.

Surprisingly, he had this to say,

“He will, and I hope he decides to join the rest of us in honoring Max Shell. I for one am willing to forget the past for one night so that all Bandits can crack an egg to our fallen brother. No matter what the current level of strife is between us, like I said before Max deserves it.”

When asked what the current level of strife between himself and Doozer was at, Jiles simply responded,



Will the Bandits listen to their former leader’s plea and rejoin for one night only to pay homage to Max Kael?

And if so, what could possibly go wrong?

Make sure to check out Refueled this Saturday night and find out!!