A Death at the Rock
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A Death at the Rock

As the High Octane Universe continues to wrestle with the fall out of this years Rumble at the Rock most fans have yet to fully process that one of the staples of High Octane Wrestling, Maximillian Wilhelm Kael, has died.

The storied Hall of Famer began his career in High Octane Wrestling in 2005 before joining the Best Alliance where he quickly rose to prominence under Jatt Starr’s tutelage. Over time he has achieved multiple World, ICON, LSD and Tag Team Titles, eventually earning himself a place in the High Octane Hall of Fame. Among his famed feuds were Shane Reynolds, Graystone, “High Flyer” Jack Harmen and of course, Michael Lee Best.

He is survived by his adopted son and daughter, Sutler Reynolds Kael and Chloe Sektor Kael.

After he was confirmed dead on Alcatraz his body was immediately sent back to his home in Arkham, Massachusetts where it will be placed in a private viewing for friends and family. As per his wishes his body will be cremated and interned in the Kael Family Mausoleum.  Neither Lee nor Michael Best have been invited to participate.

With the passing of Max Kael fans have begun to ask themselves what comes next for High Octane Wrestling?

A small memorial is planned for the Hall of Famer on the next Refueled with Sutler and Chloe in attendance as fans are given one last chance to say goodbye to the Second Son of High Octane.