Stipulation added to the LSD Championship Match for #RFXL
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Stipulation added to the LSD Championship Match for #RFXL

We are excited to report here at that the LSD Championship will now be contested inside a steel cage. This is obviously being done after the last few weeks of attacks between the champion Cancer Jiles and those chasing him, including Steve Harrison and his opponent tomorrow night Hughie Freeman.

Word is that this was a Lee Best decision to make sure Scottywood did not play a role in a Hughie Freeman match once again.

So once again…..the LSD Championship will be contested inside a Steel Cage and the only way to win the match is by pinfall or submission INSIDE the cage. Escaping will not be a means to getting your hand raised in victory. This was made VERY clear by Lee. He wants the winner to be clear cut and inside the steel.

So with that said…Good luck to Freeman and the Champion!!