Miracle Enterprise Presents: Bonfire
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Miracle Enterprise Presents: Bonfire


This coming Saturday, ME, the great Steve Harrison in conjunction with Miracle Enterprise and any sane individuals will be hosting a bonfire outside The Best Arena


Did you ask if we will be supplying food like this is a BBQ?

No, this is not a cookout.

This is a declaration against the spineless do-nothing eGG Bandits.  Cancer Jiles, in all his glory has helped in crushing these rotten eGGs.  They have given up, ran away, and crushed all their fans heart.

I said heart.

There can be only one fan, right?

Regardless to me spitting the Miracle Man truth hence the Gods Truth, we will be accepting all eGG Bandit merchandise, be it a stupidly punned shirt or Bobby Dean Podcast recordings to be tossed into the Milk Man Fire.

This will be a wonderful celebration to the future where the eGG Bandits are no more, and Steve Harrison sits atop a mountain of shells and sips expensive whiskey while patting his soon to be LSD title.

Bring your stories about how the eGG Bandits always choked.

But most importantly let us all burn what’s left of these morons and keep moving…to the New World.

Thank you.

Drink some of the fucking Milk, assholes.