Title Contenders post No Remorse
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Title Contenders post No Remorse

The PPV is over.  There was blood. There was violence. There was potentially a death.

But like we do after every PPV….the show must go one and the MACHINE keeps running.

Up next is the Rumble at the Rock PPV that will take place at Alcatraz Prison. The annual fall PPV for HOW has always been the ultra way to blow off a feud. Will that continue? Who knows. What we do know coming out of last night however are who the new Number 1 contenders are for the titles.

World Championship:
#2 Maximillian Kael remains in the pole position to get another shot at the World Championship held by #1 Michael Lee Best. This will be the final opportunity for Max as the #2 ranked wrestler as if he fails to win the title he falls to the end of the line after two consecutive chances.

ICON Championship:
#4 Lindsay Troy by virtue of her win over Eric Dane has remained in the Top 4 and has earned the right to get an ICON Championship match against the champion #6 Dan Ryan

LSD Championship:
#7 Hughie Freeman, fresh off a win at Alcatraz vs. Rick has earned the right to get a LSD Championship match against #5 Cancer Jiles

As always, these matches don’t necessarily mean these will be the matches at RATR…….but these folks are guaranteed a title shot during this PPV period. As always there will be Championship matches throughout the next several weeks and we look forward to see who steps up across the board.

More news to come regarding the Tag Team Championships as the new owners The eGG Bandits are without a clear cut challenger at the moment. Mario Maurako will have more to say on this at Refueled 37.

FYI: #3 Ranked Cecilworth Farthington is still weeks away from a return and depending on his ranking when he returns he will be in the title picture….somewhere.

Thanks and have a great day folks.