Earlier today on HOTv….
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Earlier today on HOTv….

After HOWrestling.com finally, and officially, announced the signing of Ryan McKinney, his team sent this recap of their own press conference they had just minutes prior to the news hitting the dot com.

The following video aired live earlier this morning on HOTv.

Some of the wrestling media had gathered for the festivities. The refreshments were incredibly light, but still available. At the center of a long table, there was a raised podium, on the left-hand side in order were Ryan John McKinney, whose slightly longer than shoulder length black hair had been parted to reveal the side shave on his head as well as a neatly coiffed beard. Next to him sat Eric Dane, imperious as ever, and next to him sat Angus Skaaland. To the right sat the legal team of HOW, and of course on the Black Placard Background, loud, large and centered was the logo of High Octane Wrestling in all of its regal glory, smaller logos shooting off at sharp diagonals along provided the background.

Noticeably absent was HOW majority owner, Lee Best.

With no introduction, Angus walked towards the podium.

Angus Skaaland: “Before we get started I wanna take a moment to reflect on the gravity of the situation. Some of you may remember that as the former voice of DEFIANCE, there were many nights when I led the charge against High Octane Wrestling. I’d say I’m sorry, but what was I supposed to do, root for the opposing team?

Those days, however, are well in the past. I’ve since moved on from DEFIANCE and as some of you may know I’ve opened the Crescent City Fight Club, where myself and my coaches are doing our best to train the future start of this industry!

Today, we’re here to announce the first ever signing of one of my students, a man who has also trained under Eric Dane, to one of if not the hottest promotion on the planet, High Octane Wrestling! Now, before I wear out my welcome I’m going to step out of the way so that we can get directly to the business at hand.”

There was scattered applause as Angus returned to his seat. Random camera flashes illuminated the goings-on. Eric Dane looked on, fingers steepled on the table in front of him, looking as only Eric Dane can look in front of flashing cameras. Ryan John McKinney, and a member of the legal team meet at the podium, shake hands and go through the ritual of signing the contract, complete with some quick scanning by McKinney and signing of the contract.

McKinney handed the contract back to the lawyers. McKinney took his spot at the podium, placing his hands in front of his body out of view, but not before adjusting the black tie around his neck and scanning the assembled press, scant as they were with his piercing blue eyes.

Ryan McKinney: “It is not often that you are gifted with an opportunity of career-defining magnitude. Nor is it always the case that you can see that your career is about to change inextricably from a moment to the next.

This could be summated as being analogous to life on the whole. When I look out at the assembled press, and I look at the people assembled at the table. It is not hard to feel the pull of Destiny.”

McKinney gestured to both sides of the tables, leading to nods at propriety.

Ryan McKinney: “It is said that High Octane Wrestling is a place that changes you, that how High Octane Wrestling changes you, is the prism through which your career becomes viewed. I know that at twenty-three I am exceedingly young to have this opportunity come before me, It could be said that more than most, how High Octane Wrestling shapes my career will be the prerogative of High Octane Wrestling.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Lee Best for offering me a contract, Eric Dane for facilitating it, and Angus Skaaland for allowing me to continue my training and bringing me into wrestling. Without these two, this moment doesn’t happen.

Never stop spreading. Always keep growing. Thank you.”

With that McKinney returned to his seat, briefly, as both sides of the table stood up and posed for photographs as the feed from HOTv ended.