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Following the vicious miscalculation of the Hollywood Bruvs attack from Refueled XXXV, production had noted that Zeb Martin had offered to drive the wounded Bobby Dean to the ER for further medical evaluation upon the conclusion of his match with Scott Stevens.

Apparently, both Mikey Unlikely and Jesse Kendrix caught word of this and proceeded to stake out the hospital where the two Bandits had gone in an attempt to escalate the altercation.

“They introduced themselves as Billy and Randy Dean,” informed an employee working at the front desk of the facility.  “I don’t really watch wrestling, because I’m a grown adult.  How was I supposed to know they weren’t family members?”

When we asked the hospital concierge why she would assume a man with a British accent was in any way related to Bobby, she had security remove this reporting team.  Thus far, we’ve received no further word on any sort of incident, but will keep you informed of any updates as we find out.