Update on the ICON
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Update on the ICON

Andy Murray has likely wrestled his last match for High Octane Wrestling.

The ICON Champion was brutally attacked at the end of Refueled XXXIV by Dan Ryan, who ambushed ‘The King of Wrestling’ in 24K’s private suite. A short, brutal attack left Murray bludgeoned, battered, and bloodied, with Ryan targeting his rival’s problem right knee after Andy had removed his protective brace, before throwing him from the suite to the bleachers below.

While specifics haven’t yet been forthcoming, it is thought that Murray’s injuries will lead to him formally announcing his pro-wrestling retirement sometime over the next few days, with the damage done to his knee particularly devastating. Dirt sheet whispers suggest severe ligament trauma, a concussion, several broken ribs, and more.

This leaves the ICON Championship in limbo. Murray was scheduled to defend the belt against Ryan at the upcoming No Remorse pay-per-view, though this is now an impossibility. 

An announcement relating to this is expected at Refueled XXXV next week.