The Hunt for Brian Hollywood
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The Hunt for Brian Hollywood caught up with Darin Matthews after a promo shoot this week.  He’s still on the Hunt for Hollywood their loss to the Egg Bandits at Refueled this week.  The following footage has been published:


HOTV Studios

Monday, July 13th, 2020

6:30 PM


It’s break time after a commercial shoot for HOW TV.  Meredith stands behind Darin Matthews constantly going to voice mail and redialing numbers.  She’s focused on making sure someone answers their phone.  Darin Matthews continually hammers at his phone frantically texting someone.  As they’re sitting down on the ground, Blair Moise walks out of the studios with a camera crew member and sees both just sitting on the ground completely focused on reaching a person.  She loudly clears her throat to grab their attention.  Matthews pops up and see the cameras, turning on his egotistical personality.  He grabs Blaire and gives her a big hug as she begrudgingly seizes up and accept it.


Darin Matthews:  Claire Moist!  It’s been forever since I’ve seen you!  I’ve missed you.


Blair Moise:  It’s Blair, Zion!


Darin Matthews:  Clair Blair, it doesn’t matter to me what you want to be called this week.  You can be whoever you want to be Claire.  I know you’re an awesome person.


Blair Moise:  I’m leaving…


Darin Matthews:  Wait!  Wait!  Wait, Blair, I need your help!  You’ve got a lot of reach a lot of power, Blair.  You’re a media expert!  I could use you and your crews help.


Blair rolls her eyes.  She knows Matthews’ antics.  She crosses her arms in front of her chest as Matthews just gets down on his knees, begging like a puppy dog for used scraps.  Matthews tries whimpering before Blair lets out the most stressed sigh ever.  Matthews eyes light up like an LED light board all excited as she relents.


Blaire Moise:  Fine, Matthews!  What do you need?


Matthews pulls out a wanted flyer with Brian Hollywood’s picture and shoves it front of the cameras.  He’s overzealous like a child in a toy store.  He’s exaggerating his numbers while he talks, all still concerned about Hollywood, but not for selfless reasons.


Darin Matthews:  I’ve been trying to look for Brian Hollywood for the last 48 hours.  He’s gone missing.  I’ve tried calling him no less than 235,657 times.  I’ve sent him 1,423,983 times.  I’ve sent him Facebook notifications, Twitter DMs, the whole works.  I’ve started posting Wanted Posters all over the Chicago area.  I offered…


Blair Moise:  $5?!


Darin Matthews:  Yes, everything Brian Hollywood’s worth these days!  I will even throw in a McChicken, 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, and a Large Dr. Pepper!  His favorite meal! I’m willing to put everything into finding him.  I just need an all-points bulletin from you, Blair.  I need Amber Alerts, the National Guard, everyone involved because I need to talk to him.  I need to work our problems out.  I need to tell him, I’m sorry.  I need him on the Darin Matthews Band.  I can’t have a band without him, Blair.  I just can’t!!!


Blair puts her arm around Matthews’ shoulder and looks him deep in the eye, completely ready throw a verbal hammer to the gut.  She knows he needs to hear this information, get over himself.


Blair Moise:  You ever stop and think, Matthews, he doesn’t want to team with you because of your ego.  I mean, the Darin Matthews Band?  Did you even consider his feelings in coming up with that tag team name?  You ever try and sit down and work your differences aside instead of trying to belittle him?  You ever…


Matthews immediately pulls his shoulder away from Blair and just gives her a disgusted look and tone, like someone had thrown a giant pile of shit at him.


Darin Matthews:  I can’t believe you, Claire!  I gave myself for his career for 15 whole years selflessly.  I let him name the team the Hollywood Boyz.  I let him lump me into Sex and Money, a stable of PWX douchebags that insulted me!  I laid down for him multiple times to give him multiple championships in HOW.  And it’s my ego?  It’s all on my shoulders?


Matthews continues to ramble on his tangent.  Veins pop out of his head, he’s turning bright red.


Darin Matthews:  I made Brian Hollywood more relevant at War Games than his career has meant the last year!  The Darin Matthews Band is a very selfless name.  It’s the first time in our 15-year relationship that I get something I want.  I deserve the marquis for once in our Tag Team!  It’s selfish every time I teamed with Hollywood and won Tag Team Gold it was only on HIS terms.  NEVER MINE!  He can suck it up and meet my demands after he damned himself to becoming my tag team partner.


Blair Moise:  Last I checked; didn’t you damn yourself to this fate also?  I seem to remember you signed your contract with Mario first.


Darin Matthews:  I didn’t do it out of selfish reasons like Brian Hollywood did.  I did it because I wanted to do it.  I knew Mario would better my career.  Hollywood just did it because he wanted to kick my ass.


Blair Moise just sits there and rolls her eyes before motioning towards the camera guys to leave.  Matthews begins to beg and plead with her more.


Blair Moise:  Riiiiiiight…I’m going to go now.


Darin Matthews:  You can’t leave, Claire!  You can’t!  We haven’t done the all points bulletin!  No Amber Alerts!  We need everyone on the case of finding Brian Hollywood.  He could be captured by some whore exploiting his…NEEDS!  Help me!  Please!  Help me find him!  This tag team must work, Clair!  It MUST WORK!!!


Blair and crew leave the HOTV parking lot as Darin Matthews holds his Wanted Poster and fake sobs like a lunatic while Meredith walks up and shakes some sense into him as the cameras fade to black, and Brian Hollywood still hasn’t been contacted.