Post-Match:  Matthews Loses His Cool
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Post-Match: Matthews Loses His Cool

Cameras caught up with Darin Matthews after his and Hollywood’s loss to the Egg Bandits. has exclusive footage with Matthews’ meltdown after the match.




Backstage, Darin Matthews storms straight into Mario Maurako’s office, still holding his bleeding nose.  Meredith has her arms around Matthews who is completely red with anger.  He marches right up to Mario’s desk and slaps his towel on Mario’s desk, just glaring at him.  He slams his fists on the table demanding his needs be met.


Darin Matthews:  I want Brian Hollywood in that ring next week.  I want him one on one and I want to teach him he needs to respect the family…NOW!


Mario Maurako strokes his goatee, sneering at Matthews’ demands.


Mario Maurako:  No!


Darin Matthews:  Did I stutter?  Did I stumble over my own words?  Do you see what he did to my face?  He ruined my perfect face.  He cost me millions of dollars.  I had another commercial filming, hell, I was about to make a D-List movie as an extra.  I’m the most marketable athlete on HOTV ever.  Now, Hollywood scarred my face up!  He fucking destroyed my nose!  He’s holding me back, Mario.  He cost us that match against the Egg Bandits.  He needs to be taught…


Mario stands up and slams his hands on the desk and shoot Matthews the nastiest glare ever.  He’s visibly shaking with disdain towards Matthews.  He takes puts the tag match on the screen and shows Matthews how Doozer ducked out of the way and struck Matthews’ in the face.  He rushes around and shows parts where Matthews’ ego got straight in the way and lays into Matthews.


Mario Maurako:  It was an accident, but I wouldn’t blame Hollywood for kicking your damn face in.  You didn’t build any trust like I told you to do.  I told you to swallow your pride and make this work.  You OWE me.  I don’t owe you jack shit.  I gave you a chance when Lee wouldn’t.  I re-signed you to High Octane Wrestling to make an impact.  And you do this shit tonight?


Darin Matthews:  But…he hit my face!  He hurt me!  Give me this match!  I’ll pay you whatever amount of favors you want me to do.  I’ll destroy Mike Best.  I’ll destroy Eric Dane.  I’ll even go against Kostoff if it means I die.  Anything but team with Brian Hollywood!  ANYTHING!


Mario nods his head and begins to reach into his desk, pulling out Darin Matthew’s contract.  Matthews looks completely shocked.


Darin Matthews:  What are you doing?  Don’t do anything you’ll regret!


Mario Maurako:  I’m going to just destroy your contract.  You signed a Tag Team contract after all.  You don’t want to honor your word, so I’m just going to release you and…


Matthews lets a massive sigh and rolls his eyes at Mario.  He nods as Matthews gets the point.


Darin Matthews:  Fine!  I’ll do what’s best for the Family.


Mario Maurako:  That’s the spirit, Matthews.  That’s the moxie I’m looking from you.  I’m glad you see things my way, Mr. Matthews.  Do what’s right for the Family.  Prove to me you want to get back to the Hollywood/Matthews team that took Project Ego down multiple times.


Begrudgingly, Matthews grabs his towel disgusted and walks off as Mario just smiles pleased at Matthews’ blind loyalty.