HOAX Announces Publishing Deal
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HOAX Announces Publishing Deal

The High Octane Ad Xchange continues to expand its ongoing operations in the newly trademarked High Octane Wrestling, bringing in new merchandise in the form of t-shirts, collectibles, and souvenirs featuring the many talented members of the HOW roster. The HOWrestling.com team was informed this afternoon by HOAX department head Ellie Kallisten that, in addition to the already announced merchandising initiatives, new ground has been struck– effective immediately, High Octane Wrestling is in the multimedia publishing business!

While the HOAX is already responsible for ad campaigns, entrance videos, and other multimedia works in short form, this expansion will include books, magazines (including NINETYSEVENRED), and even additional HOTv content in the form of short television features and possible full length cinematic films. The first deal, in a nepotism-fueled surprise to no one, comes in the form of a soon-to-be-released autobiography from one of HOW’s biggest names:


The book, “I KNEED JESUS: ONE MAN’S JOURNEY FROM BLAH BLAH BUY MY FUCKING BOOK“, is slated as a tell-all book from the HOW World Champion, War Games winner, and now self-proclaimed future best selling author Michael Lee Best. From the down-and-out days of only being a three-time ICON Champion to his record setting four year streak without being pinned in HOW, this one is a can’t-miss for the kind of people who can tolerate the Son of God for more than a few pages.

In addition to pursuing more publishing deals, the HOAX is searching out more merchandising opportunities for all active members of the HOW roster in good standing. Rumors are already circulating within the company that HOW Tag Team Champion (and known Hollywood Bruv) Mikey Unlikely has already been tapped for a potential role in the first High Octane film, so keep your eyes peeled for updates as soon as we have them!