A Quick Tidbit of News
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A Quick Tidbit of News

In a statement provided to HOW News staff by Simon Loveless himself, the recent signee had the following to say:

“I’ll make this quick.

How’s everyone’s summer going?  Are you getting out and having a good time with friends and family?  Maybe you’ve taken the boat out and given it a couple of spins around the lake.  Hell, I bet the last thing that would ever cross your mind at a time like this would be work.  That’s you.  But guess what?   That’s not me.  I have been thinking about nothing but work or should I say the lack of work I have been given since being signed to a High Octane Wrestling contract.  I have been waiting and cast to the sidelines by management for some reason.  Long story short, my summer has sucked.  The Summer of Loveless hasn’t gone the way it was supposed to this point.

However, that is going to change come Refueled XXXIII.  I will not be forced to sidelines again, if HOW does not want to put me on television I will force myself onto television.  I plan on making an impact that will have the wrestling world talking, so pay attention because it’s not going to take long… I have grown extremely impatient waiting around for something to do.  What’s the saying?  Idle hands are the devil’s playground.

See you all very soon.”