War Games Main Event News
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War Games Main Event News

A big thank you, and congratulations, to all participants in this year’s War Games main event for a full max out! As usual, Lee Best will be taking on the behemoth that is the War Games match, and it’s always an amazing shit show when everyone has given 100%!  There are news and rumors of possible live radio either before or during the live posting, but details are not yet available. A HOR? Perhaps  a Miked Up? Maybe. A HOR brunch, eaten long after dinner time is already over? WHO IS TO SAY? Stay tuned for info.

Preparations are already underway in Normandy for HOW’s most infamous match, and Lee Best wanted to take the time to release a special bit of news as a reward for the time and effort spent by all involved. While the order of the participant’s entry is only known to Lee Best, he is releasing the first two competitors:

Lindsay Troy and MJ Flair.

Let the War Games…. begin!