Notes regarding tonights broadcast…..
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Notes regarding tonights broadcast…..

Some small tidbits to help with tonight’s immersion….

  • The announcers will be stationed off shore on the aircraft carrier that was used to transport the rings, the cell, and of course medical.
  • Wrestlers will be on the carrier until their match time. At this point they will be brought to shore via military style patrol boats that are stationed on the carrier.
  • Hollywood vs. Matthews will take place without a cell over the rings as the cell will be helicoptered in after their match for the War Games Tag Team Championship match.
  • The rings and cell are set up about 50 yards off shoreline. Once wrestlers are dropped off via boats, they will head to the rings, and to their matches.
  • Tag Team Championship Match will be contested under tornado rules. Meaning all teams will start the match and we go until there is a pinball or submission. There are NO ELIMINATIONS. This is to make sure the two War Games matches are different in style and rules.
  • NO FANS will be on the beach.

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