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Marvelous News caught up with the new 10% owner of HOW as he was leaving the promotions offices today. Below is a transcript of what occurred.

Reporter: How does it feel to be a part owner in HOW?

Mario: Good, I guess. You must be new? Ownership changes around here with the direction of the wind. So 10% ownership isn’t necessarily ground breaking news for HOW. But it is for Mario Maurako.

Reporter: Can you elaborate on that?

Mario: I sure can. This entire journey for me has been about seizing opportunities. Lee came to me with an opportunity to run the Tag Team Division and I seized it.  That led to my return to HOW and the honor of being inducted into the HOW Hall of Fame. But my return was never really about the Hall of Fame. That was a reward for seizing an opportunity. Then fast forward to this past Saturday Night and another opportunity came my way. I cut a deal with Scotty and now I have some capital to create more opportunities for myself, and for others.

Reporter: What do you have to say to those that say Scotty gave up way too much to be in the Tag Team Title Match at War Games?

Mario: It’s the art of the deal. Scotty wanted something that ONLY I could give him, and he had something that I see as an opportunity. So he needed a “favor” and “favors” don’t always come cheap. Frankly, Scotty can do the same with 49% as he can do with 39%, but now he has a Tag Team Title shot. But me? I expand my role within the company and not only run the Tag Team Division, but now I can venture out into other areas. That creates more opportunity for me, and it will create more opportunity for others.

Reporter: So you have big plans in mind?

Mario: I guess we will see what kind of opportunities come up shall we? One plan that I don’t mind talking about is that I’m in negotiations with a singles competitor. I hope to get the deal done by the end of the week and when that is finalized the whole World will know.

With that Mario stepped into his waiting Rolls-Royce Phantom and was driven away.


OOC Notes: The Tag Title Match at War Games will be 2 rps per team, 1 from each handler.