HOW Talent spreading their wings?
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HOW Talent spreading their wings?

Bismarck, North Dakota

Reports are still unclear but it seems that former High Octane Wrestling LSD Champion MJ Flair wrestled for a local promotion against their local marquee talent ‘Big’ Mountain Range in a main event match that saw Flair tap Range after a hard fought brawl.

Officially, the time of the match was 12:03 and Flair looked sharp and focused, though she had a black eye and several bandages on her exposed arms.

This is the fourth untelevised, local, ‘semi-pro‘ booking we have learned of Ms. Flair taking since HOW War Games took place on 6/20/20, though official details are naturally difficult to come by.

Attempts to get commentary from Flair were unsuccessful, however, HOW officials have confirmed that her contract allows her to take any third party bookings she wishes as long as they do not interfere with her commitments to HOW itself, HOW Refueled, or its pay – per – view and special events.

More details to follow, should they become relevant.